Best PC RPG 2012: Diablo III?

Currently, role playing games have dominated the online gamer community and have piqued the interest of every teenager and young adult around the world. What caused the online gamers to become so fascinated to this specific gen...

Online Gamer

Online Gamer: Pros and Cons

Currently, roughly 20 million players have spent 17 billion hours on Xbox Live and around 40 million users have registered for PlayStation Network accounts. Unexpectedly, the online gamer community is somewhat evenly divided be...

Online Gamer: Diablo III

Online Gamer: Diablo III

Currently, the most awaited online game by every online gamer is the ever-popular Diablo III. Diablo III is the third sequel of the Diablo franchise and is an action, role-playing game brought by Blizzard Entertainment. It was ...