Backup Software Review

Posted June 8, 2013 by James C. in News

Most of the activities we do today, may it be at work, school, or at home involves computer. It is a great tool to increase productivity and it seems like everything is so easy with this piece of technology. While this is true, various important data are saved in our hard drive that when it suddenly crashed down it will cause real mess. You never know when your hard drive fails and to prevent the loss of my important files, I use backup software in all my computers.

Data backup software is designed so that even those who don’t feel comfortable performing technical computer processes can back up their data. For sure not everyone is “techy” enough to recover their files. For these reason, backup software provide a variety of backup capabilities, including restoration tools that allow you to recover all your data without enduring the tedious and frustrating process of reformatting the computer’s hard drive and reinstalling the operating system and software. With many of backup applications, you can schedule daily automatic backups to allow the software to back up the changes you make to the files on your hard drive every day, and you can utilize security tools such as password protection to ensure that your file backups are secure.

If you have no or little knowledge on the product, it is much advisable to read backup software review as reference. It is readily available in the Internet and it will guide you through in choosing the right software for you. To give you some idea, here are some data backup software that are recommended by users.

Whether you are beginner in this type of application or you are advance in using this software, NovaBACKUP professional 13 features an interface you are comfortable with. For $44.95 you can protect your most sensitive files. It has virus scanning capabilities that adds up with the protection needed. This backup solution performs full, incremental and differential backups. You can choose specific files and folders you wish to backup or you can preserve your entire system. You can backup files in use with this application and also compress files during the process to preserve disk space. In great addition, NovaBACKUP software provides a very easy recovery and restoration options. You can set an automatic backing up with scheduler with ease.
Second on the line is the DT Utilities PC Backup Pro 12. Though It is little expensive than NovaBACKUP, for $49.99 you can secure your files when disaster strikes your hardware. It also provides virus scanning and backup capabilities. This software also features intuitive wizards to make each task much smoother and faster. This data backup software will help you quickly restore all of your files after a computer crash. You can choose to back up individual files and folders or back up the entire system at once. Though this application is excellent to use, its major drawback is it’s insufficient support options available for this application. But overall, this is great to use.
Don’t forget to backup your files before it’s too late. It will save lot of efforts and will give protection that you need.