Android Development Tutorial

Posted July 12, 2012 by James C. in Electronics
Android Development Tutorial

Just recently, the term android is taken notice quite often. It is heard in almost every conversation especially if the topic involves smart phones and tablet computers. But to better understand what an android is capable of doing, it would be better to first determine what an android really is. For starters, android is not a robot like you see in terminator movies but is a type of operating system usually used by smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S and tablet personal computers such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is primarily developed by Open Handset Alliance which was led by Google and other companies.

With the Android’s current popularity, Android developers also got the same value of reputation. Android software developers are those people who are trained to develop applications for the Android Operating System usually using the Java programming language through the Android Software Development Kit, however, other development tools are also available. As of April of 2011 the number of applications have been developed for Android reached more than 200,000, with downloads over 3 billion. With this very high demand in Android developers, there’s no question why this job is perhaps one of the most in demand and highest paid profession today.

According to InfoWorld, Android application developers earn an estimated annual income of $97,000 to $120,000. This higher average comes as a result of increasing demand for Android developers together with availability limitations due to the specific skill set necessary for such work. With this fact given, it would be a very good idea to put android developer in our lists of best professions. But being and Android developer requires specific set of skills, and perhaps this skill can be obtained through watching an Android development tutorial.

There are a lot of websites found in the internet where you could find an Android development tutorial. Some of these websites are:, and After checking out these website that show Android development tutorial, it is observed that it is quite comprehensive and well detailed to assist people aspiring to be Android developers. Perhaps, after a thorough study of these tutorials, that individual would become competitive enough to know the basic steps and perhaps even advance ones to develop an Android application. Once, you have the capacity of developing your own Android applications, it is almost a certainty that you could get employed in a big company in charge in developing Android applications. Why Android, aside from the fact that it effortlessly provides a range of benefits for mobile application developers it is also easy to handle it and easy to implement. Moreover it is also open-source based. The Software Development Kit together with an Android development tutorial assists the developers to a vast extent and one can even start working on applications in an instant and even implement them quickly as well.

This profession is very reassuring and will surely provide a family great comfort once a member of this household gets to work as an Android developer. And probably, when that time comes, you will be thanking a simple Android development tutorial for all the success you experienced.


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