Cheap Laptops Under 100 Dollars: Where to Look

Posted June 21, 2012 by James C. in Electronics
Cheap Laptops Under 100 Dollars

Cheap Laptops Under 100 Dollars: Availability

In this day and age, computers are already considered a necessity. Every household has at least one and even more computers in their homes, whether it may be desktop, laptop, palmtop and now even tablets, you name it and surely somebody in the neighborhood has it. This technological advancement sprung to provide unlimited number of assistance to its users and give a wide variety of entertainment.

Taking into account the computers mentioned above, the one that shines brighter than the others are the laptops. Laptops are computers that are somewhat in the middle by being more compact and portable compared to the desktop computers and have a big enough screen to appreciate visual graphics compared to palmtops and tablets.

Because of the benefits brought about by laptops, people went with the trend by getting their very own. People who are fortunate enough in a financial point of view have all the advantages of getting the best and perhaps the most expensive laptops in the market. But for those who aren’t lucky enough, they have to find a different recourse that would still give them the benefit of getting their own cheap laptops under 100 dollars.

Upon looking for cheap laptops under 100 dollars, there are several options you can take. First, if you are looking for laptops that are brand new but still cost under one hundred dollars, your chances are very slim. It would be very unlikely for a brand new, expensive gadget to cost less than a hundred dollars. But if you are looking for laptops that refurbished, your chances are raised by a few notches.
However, the most recommended way of purchasing cheap laptops under 100 dollars is by looking for a used one otherwise known as second-hand laptops. Cheap laptops under 100 dollars are very much available almost everywhere.

It is also highly suggested that before going to stores and online websites to check out second-hand laptops, you could try asking your friends, co-workers and relatives if they have a cheap laptop under 100 dollars that they would want to sell. That way, you are insured on its performance and you will have a lesser chance of getting fooled since you have a direct communication and connection with the person you’re buying it from.

If that is no longer an option, that’s the time you could try checking out computer surplus shops and online shopping sites. There are several online websites that offer great deals when it comes to cheap laptops under 100 dollars. Here are some of these websites:,, and These online shopping sites became very well-known after it made very good deals from the past.

But the most important thing to remember is that, no matter where you get your cheap laptop, may it be from someone you know, from a computer surplus shop or online, what matters is the service it provides you as the user. If you think you’ve found the laptop that fits you, then don’t miss the chance of enjoying the benefits it may give you.

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    I need a new laptop and really want a new one but all the good laptops are from $100 to $2000
    And I’m not so sure that the laptops on amazon are that new.
    Thanks for the help

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