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Posted June 4, 2012 by James C. in Electronics

For today’s generation, what else is the fastest way to communicate to a person in another location aside from calling? The answer to that is none other than SMS (Short Message Service) or more familiarly known as, “Text Messaging”. SMS is a text messaging service component offered in the phone, the web, or mobile communication systems that allows the exchange of short text messages between fixed lines or mobile phone devices. Currently, text messaging became quite a necessity to the public such that 3.7 billion active users, which are 74 % of all mobile phone subscribers, use its services. Given the Android’s popularity and the necessity of the use of SMS, it would be a big break through to combine both of these and create the best SMS app for Android.

SMS is definitely an important feature found in our mobile phones being a basic source of communication, it allows two people from different locations catch up with each other’s activities without having the need to meet up in person. With these vital social contributions, it is a must to have the SMS developed to an extent of offering the best services to the public. With this quest, we bring you the list of the best SMS app for Android to give you options on the different applications that suit your SMS app preference. The third on our list, which is according to, is Pansi SMS. Pansi SMS offers a great messaging experience through intuitive interface and faster performance on your smart phone. It features both inbox and conversation style messages and also provides pop-ups and gives an option to send a quick reply.

The second on our list best SMS app for Android is Handcent SMS. This is another application for customizing your messages. The nice thing about this SMS app is its security options that includes a privacy box that hides specific messages which will then become password protected. It also supports the MMS and lets you organize every aspect including the themes, skins, fonts and much more. Another feature of Handcent SMS is the schedule tasks and blacklist functions. With all these amazing features, there’s no question how it ranked number two in our list of the best SMS app for Android.

Finally, on to our number one and best SMS app for Android, that is none other than Go SMS Pro. The great things and exceptional features of this one of a kind SMS application are: its capability to support both SMS and MMS while maintaining a convenient user experience. It also has the ability to be integrated to Go Chat and aside from SMS messaging, it also has the ability to send documents through the internet or Wi-Fi. Together with schedule SMS and batch modes, it also comes with a feature such as private box and recognizes handwriting, doodling or gestures. You can assign a password to the application or blacklist unwanted messages and configure its settings. If you’re not satisfied with that, it also backs up and restores all your messages together with your app setting. Undoubtedly, Go SMS offers the best services and most advanced features among all the Android applications by far and totally deserves to bear the title as the best SMS app for Android.

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    I would like a progress bar like the iPhone.
    If I am in a weak signal area, I will stay longer until you get the text is sent out.
    I would like a Resend option as well.

    Any suggestion?

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