Asset Management Software: Staying Profitable

Posted June 14, 2012 by admin in News
Asset Management Software

Asset Manage Software: How It Changes Our Lives

Today’s asset management process has utilized the advancement of the computer age. With these resources, various companies strive hard to develop their very own asset management software to take the usual and confusing asset management to a whole new level. But with this very strong competition on different types of asset management software, one needs to have an edge to be noticed and be utilized by different asset management software users around the world.

Asset management software can help your business stay profitable through reduction of inefficiencies and keeping track of your assets within your company’s infrastructure. In order to utilize and enjoy the best type of asset management software available in the market today, you need to know the different options you have and know their advantages and disadvantages. For this purpose, a list of the best asset management software available, through, is provided for your personal comparison and contrast.

The first on our list is WiseTrack. This asset management software uses barcode and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in managing your assets that is through tracking their location, which uses them and any associated costs. This software is available in three different editions which are: enterprise, corporate or small-business. This easy-to-use software is surely one of the best among its kind.

The nest on the list is SysAid Free Asset Management Software. This software is an ad-free asset management suite that offers computer hardware, software and network inventory management. Aside from that, SysAid also has an integrated chat feature so network administrators can communicate with the people who are actually using the machines and experiencing the problems. SysAid has a lot more features to offer that would make this asset management software’s performance out of the charts.

The third software that is on the list is LANDesk Asset Management Software. This software manages your computer hardware and software assets from the time you need a particular product until the job is completed. Another valuable feature it has is its capability to analyze data and combine multiple sources into a single storage area to control cost. If that isn’t enough, LANDesk also keeps up with licensing and compliance issues. This software definitely saves the user from a whole lot of work.

Second to the last is Real Asset Management International otherwise known as RAMI. This asset management software caters to the governmental, educational, healthcare and nonprofit market by providing asset accounting and tracking services in a variety of software suites. Aside from that, its product also provides finance and accounting teams at mid- to large-sized firms with a consolidated record for reporting and maintaining distinct financial data.

Finally we have Kaizen’s Asset Manager. This software aims to save the busy manager time by using on hand asset managing devices to track assets. This software has a whole lot of other features, some of which include the ability to track an unlimited number of assets, to attach manuals and pictures to a particular asset and generate a variety of reports. But at the end of the day, it is not by which asset management software is more astounding, but by which fits the liking of its user.


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