Broken iPhone: What Now?

Posted May 14, 2012 by James C. in Electronics
Broken iPhone

There’s a wide variety of smart phones circling in the market today and probably the most popular smart phone among all of them is the trendy iPhone. The iPhone is marketed by Apple Inc. and was first released on June 29, 2007 by then CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs. According to statistics, iPhone is currently the top handset in the US and granting there are a lot of users, there are also a lot of people having problems damaging their iPhones leaving them with a nonfunctional broken iPhone. But when someone comes into the situation of having a broken iPhone, what steps can a user do to have it fixed? It all boils down to the type and cause of the damage that brought iPhone to be broken.

Fortunately, there are several options the user can take to have this problem resolved. If the damage of the broken iPhone is with its hardware, it varies whether the purchased iPhone is still within its warranty or not. That means that just like any other gadgets purchased in the market, Apple Inc. has its corresponding guarantee to fix or replace a broken iPhone as long as it is within warranty. The iPhone’s warranty varies from country to country and the official Apple Inc. website ( has information with regards to specific details on the warranties varying in the country of the user. If the warranty has already expired and if the damage is caused by an accident or abuse, other options the user can take is to have it fixed by sending it to a company that repairs iPhones. The iPhone repair industry has also gained popularity together with the recognition given to the renowned iPhone, in fact, there are a lot of online websites that do it for a competitive price. To name some, there’s:,, and

Another option one can take to fix a broken iPhone is to repair it yourself. There are several online training videos and even step-by-step tutorials that will walk you through the process to have your broken iPhone fixed systematically. If the user decides to repair his broken iPhone, there may be a need for the user to order specific iPhone parts and repairing tools required to have a broken iPhone fixed. Fixing the iPhone using an online tutorial or guide should be meticulous and thorough to make sure that the steps in getting it fixed is done correctly.

The information provided above are helpful options to take given the situation. However, nothing beats being cautious and wary in using a quite expensive and high maintenance gadget such as the iPhone. “Prevention is better than cure,” therefore, being extra careful with your iPhone is and will always be more beneficial for the user such that you will never be in a situation of having the need to fix your broken iPhone. Luckily, just in case the situation does arise, there are always cost-friendly options available to assist millions of iPhone users around the world.

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