Best PC RPG 2012: Diablo III?

Posted May 22, 2012 by admin in Games

Currently, role playing games have dominated the online gamer community and have piqued the interest of every teenager and young adult around the world. What caused the online gamers to become so fascinated to this specific genre of game remains a mystery. However, unraveling and digging deeper into one the best PC RPG around the world might lead us to finding out the reason why. Probably, the best PC RPG currently out in the market is Diablo III.

Diablo III is the third sequel of the Diablo franchise brought by Blizzard Entertainment. It has just recently made its release last May 15, 2012 and according to Games Blog, during its worldwide release, Battle.Net servers also opened worldwide, by then, literally thousands of gamers started to install the game, this then resulted to crashing servers and same thing happened the next day. This alone proves what a big hit the newly released online game is. Despite that, it was merely a delay and was not a disaster at all.

What made a lot of people so amazed with this new RPG is perhaps its greatly enhanced graphics and new set of character classes. The details in the game was very well conceptualized that skill performance looks highly visually stimulating to the gamers. Its character classes are also very well balanced to cater the liking of different online RPG gamers. It has brave melee characters such as the Barbarian and the Monk while it also has cool long-ranged ones such as the Demon Hunter and the Wizard and perhaps a unique character image brought by the Witch Doctor. With this unique concept, indeed, Diablo III deserves to be considered as one of the best PC RPG ever.

When it comes to the gameplay, first look reveals all you would anticipate from a Diablo sequel and the best PC RPG: It shows that the new 3D engine rendered a level of detail which was never seen in the series before. Goodbye to the days of having to manually pick gold and hello automatic gold picking just by mere touching it. Outstanding lighting effects make even the rigid dungeons of the 1st Act seem more distinctive, but once you reach the Caldeum and beyond in Act 2, more impressive locations surface, unlike the dark texture of the previous versions. Enemies may have a tendency to horde instinctively towards the character, but they come in great numbers and reasonable diversity.

Ultimately, perhaps the main reason why millions of people get drawn to this game and genre is due to the ecstatic feeling of putting yourself in the character that you’re playing in the game. Powerful, strong, cool and brave, all the characteristics that everyone dreams of becoming are roles that you can play when you play a game under the RPG genre. It’s also an intriguing aspect of the game where you get to follow how the story progress. It makes you discover the revelations of the game together with the character that you’re playing. Having placed all these in a single game makes Diablo III the most sought after PC RPG this year and perhaps the best PC RPG ever.


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