Best Android Weather App

Posted May 29, 2012 by James C. in Electronics
Best Android Weather App

Summer is one of the most exciting seasons every year and is looked forward by almost everyone. Approximately every year, it is during summer when people go out for a vacation, go sun bathing in the beach and perhaps just simply go out to do simple outdoor activities. This is the season of family bonding, all-out vacation, relaxation and pleasure. But the only thing that can destroy all the fun and perfect summer activities prepared before hand is an unexpected rain. Admittedly, weather is very hard to predict, perhaps there are a couple of times when you don’t bring an umbrella thinking that it isn’t going to rain, but the next thing you know, you’re soaking wet from being under the rain for a long time. These circumstances brought about the formulation of today’s best Android weather app.

An Android weather app is a form of software that shows the weather movement in detail, thus, giving a more comprehensive report and forecast on the weather for the day and even days to come. Thanks to the formulation of the best Android weather app, we can now say goodbye and forget the old trend of having to watch the news just to get weather updates. With this new application, you now have something to take advantage of especially when you have plans of going out.

After knowing how valuable an Android weather application is, it would be wise to check out the best Android weather app out there to make sure that you download the best application in accordance to your own preference. The following Android weather apps that will be shown are the top three best Android weather app according to In third place is World Weather Clock Widget. Some of the advantages brought about by this Android weather app are giving you the ability to check the weather forecasts and current conditions of any location in any part of the world and its ability to let you check the weather report of five days forecasts. With these features, this totally deserves to be on the list of the best Android weather app.

The app that got the second rank is the Weather Bug. This Android weather application provides you the real-time weather forecasts through the live images from greater than 2,000 weather locations camera all throughout the United States. Aside from that, this application also provides alerts for severe weathers like Tornado warnings, Tsunami or high tide. Definitely, thousands of lives could be saved through these features and with these, there’s no question why Weather Bug ranked number two among the best Android weather app.

Finally, the top on our list is The Weather Channel. This weather app is the longest most trusted and comprehensive source for weather reports all over the world. This application also brings you a detailed forecast on the weather reports every hour together with extra weather safety tips and advices depending on the present weather forecast. Aside from those, it also gives you alerts on severe weather in your locality and the notification bar shows the current temperature. No doubt, this is by far the best Android weather app. These applications are not merely intended to give us weather updates but most importantly, it helps save lives in severe weather cases that make this application one of a kind.


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